AUGUST 20, 4 pm PST


with Kelley O’Leary, Jungmok Yi and Sharmi Basu

We are more than excited to announce our next Show & Tell in the Art Camp Commons when the artists of the second Cohort of 2023 give a 25 min tour in their VR studios that they have built during their residency.

Schedule (PST):
15:45-16:00 Optional Warm Up // Learn how to move around in Mozilla Hubs and get comfy
16:00-16:15 Intro in Art Camp Commons
16:15-16:40 Kelley O’Leary
16:40-17:05 Jungmok Yi
17:05-17:30 Sharmi Basu

Visit Kelley O’Leary’s speculative archeology site:

“This virtual reality environment exists as a speculative archaeological site of the physical infrastructure of the internet. Visitors are invited to join future archaeologist, lo b. hold, a genderless, time traveling, post-human entity, in investigating the phenomenon that was Internet. The digital representation of the physical sites of a digital system creates a sort of ouroboros; one wanders from a desolate landscape into a virtual Mozilla data center built of photographs of the exterior of the actual building in Santa Clara, California. Informed by science fiction, ancient mythology and the archive, lo b. Hold enlists the collective imagination of visitors to speculate about the origins and function of the surrounding relics.“

Jungmok Yi created a karaoke space:

“I've designed a virtual karaoke setting to reunite friends and foster emotional expression. Singing taps into our inner feelings and physical presence in a unique way. This initiative is all about providing a platform where we can collectively process our emotions, whether it's finding solace during challenging moments or rejoicing in the richness of human bonds.

Sharmi Basu invite us to the social VR reiteration of their residency at the Audium, so it’s a great opportunity to (re)visit their pieces.


Join us in the Art Camp Commons on the 20th of August!
16-17:30am PST

Experience being in a virtual art piece while engaging in a conversation with the artist!

About #2 Cohort 2023

Kelley O’Leary (she/they/it) is a transdisciplinary artist based in the Bay Area. As one of the last generations of humans to have pre-Internet memories, she is driven to document and articulate the transformation of life in the digital age on a planetary scale. O'Leary's practice extends to the examination of the Internet's intricate relationship with the expansion of the American West. This exploration traces the connections between digital technology and the ongoing transformation of landscapes, linking the virtual and the physical. Her recent work explores the physicality of the internet through the perspective of an archeologist of the future, conjuring speculative artifacts using site-specific materials to reveal hidden geographies embedded within cyberspace, and pointing towards the immensity of Earth’s extraction across a geological timescale. She received a MFA in Art Studio from University of California, Davis and a BA in Art with a minor in Anthropology from University of California, Santa Cruz. O’Leary is a member of Imaginaries of the Future Collective, a self-organizing nomadic collective of artists and thinkers.


Jungmok Yi (they/them) is a queer non-binary 1.5 generation Korean-American immigrant transdisciplinary artist working with subjects such as U.S. history, diaspora lineage, transnationalism, non-binary practice, love, and entanglement. They hold a graduate degree in sculpture from Tyler School of Art and Architecture. They are the director and a co-editor for Are We A Joke?, a publication series on Pan-Asian LGBTQIA womxn burlesque, drag, and BDSM artists.


Sharmi Basu (they/them) is a queer, South Asian American multimedia performance artist, curator, composer, arts advocate, and organizer born and based in the occupied lands of the Ohlone people aka Oakland, CA. They create immersive sound installations, new media controllers and performance pieces that investigate the emotional landscape of people in struggle. They research conflict, accountability, and care work in the interest of creating decolonial narratives toward collective healing, while investigating emotional skill-building through the practice of improvisation and deep listening. Their performance project, Beast Nest transmutes trauma and chronic illness through vast sonic world building, layering strands of sound across the frequency spectrum. They received their MFA from Mills College and host workshops internationally that center on sound healing and decolonization, as well as technical skill-shares. Their organizational work is dedicated to mutual aid and advocating for the rights of survivors, arts workers and artists. @beast.nest

Poster includes images by Kelley O’Leary, Jungmok Yi and Sharmi Basu. Collage made by Judit Navratil.

Space is limited to 21 active participants. As a Room Guest, you may engage in conversation with the artists after the presentations. In case the room is full, you can still watch the event from the Lobby, which is limited for viewing only. Please arrive on time in order to be our Room Guest! Email us if you have any questions <3

Your generous donations support the collective labor of Art Camp artists and to maintain our gatherings, but no-one turned away for lack of funds. Thank you, Southern Exposure for the AltEx Grant that allowed us to schedule 2023 and pay a humble honorarium to VR Art Camp residents!



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