>> IRL Art Camp <<

Getting ready for our 2nd camping in Bodega Dunes Campground

28 October 2023

Camping with care

In person connections

The first IRL Art Camp was a week-long, in person, safe gathering of VR Art Camp’s Artists and Friends in nature, in the Bicentennial Campground near Headlands in 2021. It is rooted in the virtual communal efforts of the different cohorts. We aim to facilitate the collective embodiment of these virtually lived experiences with the social aspects of virtual reality.

Art Camping

IRL Art Camp connects and empowers the different cohorts of the social VR residency program which have only met and existed online. We continue our conversations about the possibilities of creating and inhabiting a communal virtual place with care and elevating the shift of our up-scaling digital existence together.  

We exchange the impacts of our digitally lived experiences and conclude our year long voluntary work in a collaborative, participatory performance piece that takes place in the Gym of the Headlands Center for the Arts. The performance is an intimate closing ceremony for the VR Art Camp Artists in a digestive container for the online cacophony and avatarism.

All other events (in Bicentennial Campground and Beauty Supply, Oakland) are open for the public! You are welcome to bring a tent, your Friends, hammocks - anything that you would like to offer for this co-creation.

The reverse approach of cultivating an online group in reality helps to deepen and evolve trans-species communication. Day time is a spiritual, slow creation of the collective performance piece about a sense of kinship and connection. In the evenings, we have Campfire Sessions with workshops, participatory performances, artist talks and readings. Through these, we analyze the concept of ‘belonging’ and interconnection.

This IRL camping is the harvest and substantial manifestation of the first year of the VR Art Camp to bond our community. It is also the opportunity to strengthen its foundation and to involve artists more directly in planning for a decentralized self-sustained structure for the future.

>> Uplift social VR into flesh & bones <<

28th of November - 4th of December, 2021

Bicentennial Campground, Marin, California


Click on the dates for RSVP links with further details for each day!

  • Nov 28 Sunday // Open to public

    • 4 pm - Campfire Session: Annie Albagli opens the IRL Art Camp with her shofar

    • 4:30 - 5:30 pm - nkiruka oparah - “Dream Workshop”

    • 6 pm - Hannah Waiters - “Walking an Aporia”

  • Nov 30 Tuesday // Open to public

    • 6 pm - Future Plans: Social Token Discourse and introduction of Viola Lukács, Judit’s new partner // online live video chat

    • 7 pm - Sholeh Asgary - “Special Majles Workshop”

    • 8 - 9 pm - Video screening of VR Art Camp Artists:

      • Sean Keating - with live presentation

      • Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez as Anxious to Make: “Work Work Work”

      • Meghana Bisineer: “The Stone”

      • Jader: “Pigeon”

      • Eszter Szabó

      • Whiz World

  • Dec 2 Thursday // Open to public

    • 2 - 4 pm Lia Sutton - “Tangential Involvement” - collaborative improvisational drawing & “Feel Flora Treatise” - proprioceptive exploration of the natural world

    • 4 pm Alicia Escott - “Wildflower Workshop”

  • Dec 3 Friday // Open to public

    • 6 pm Campfire Session: Tamar Zohara Ettun - "Lilit, the Empathic Demon / new moon trap"

    • 7 pm River Black - “Befriending the Back Body: Somatic Tools for the Whole Human”

      8 pm The Bureau of Linguistical Reality - “Word making Field Study”

  • Dec 4 Saturday // VR Art Camp Artists only

    • 6:30 - 7 pm Collaborative Performance with

      Annie Albagli, Alex Arzt, River Black, Beatriz Escobar, Judit Navratil, Lia Sutton and Connie Zheng

    • Annie Albagli closes the IRL Art Camp with her shofar


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