Social VR Art Camp

Art Camp is a social VR art residency and a bi-monthly gathering. Womxn and underrepresented artists investigate the possibilities of creating and inhabiting a virtual communal place with care to cultivate this layer of our social fabric based on radical inclusion, cyber-intentionality and to elevate the shift of our up-scaling digital existence together.

It accumulates in a public Show & Tell event, when resident artists guide visitors through their VR studio spaces. Art Camp is a bridge for those, whose practice is not rooted in digital media and for a diverse community with different voices and approaches. Art Camp was established as a sector of the Szívküldi Lakótelep, a virtual reality Social Housing Neighborhood, to serve the art community during the transitional and groundless period of physical distancing.

Gathering place

Art Camp Commons

You can visit the virtual studios anytime in the Art Camp Commons. This intro video helps you to navigate in there! You can read more about the artists in the tents, and click on their atelier’s link beside their bio to explore their VR spaces.

VR Art Camp Pavillon #38 at The Wrong Biennale

We are super excited to show the works of our artists at The Wrong Biennale. Our Pavillon is #38 and the exhibition runs 1 November - 1 March 2022. Celebrating digital culture since 2013, The Wrong is a collaborative effort harnessing the potential of the internet, shaped as a decentralized global art biennale & tv channel.

Current Cohort

2021 November:

Alex Arzt, Liat Berdugo, Miriam Simun and Elena Yu

Our next Show & Tell is on 18th of December, 10am PST, when Alex, Liat, Miriam and Elena will give you a tour and present their VR studio spaces that they create during their residency.

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Upcoming Cohorts

2022: Alicia Escott with the Fire Fog Collective

Past Cohorts

2021 September: Cate White and Sean Keating (in collaboration) and the Association of Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World (AMBPA / SZAF: Judit Fischer and Miklós Mécs)

2021 July: Merve Caskurlu, Jader

2021 May: River Black, Maria Guzmán Capron, Erica Molesworth, Hannah Waiters

2021 March: Quinn Keck, Lia Sutton, Minoosh Zomorodinia

2021 January: nkiruka oparah, Judit Navratil, Zsófia Szemző

2020 November: Annie Albagli, Meghana Bisineer with Charlotte Law, Maxine Schoefer-Wulf

2020 September: Sholeh Asgary, Beatriz Escobar, Connie Zheng, Eszter Szabó

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Posters of Show & Tell events are collages from the artists’ works.