September Show & Tell

with Cate White and Sean Keating (in collaboration) and

the Association of Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World (AMBPA // SZAF: Judit Fischer and Miklós Mécs)!

September Show & Tell

26th of September, 10 am PST // 7 pm CET

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Join our September Show & Tell with

Cate White and Sean Keating (in collaboration) and

the Association of Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World (AMBPA // SZAF: Judit Fischer and Miklós Mécs)!

Experience being in a virtual art piece while engaging in a conversation with the artist! Please join our Show & Tell in the Art Camp Commons in Mozilla Hubs*, when resident artists give a 30 min tour in their VR studios that they’ve built during their residency.

Link will be sent upon registration.
10-11:15am PST // 7-8:15pm CET

Schedule (PST):
9:45-10:00 Warm Up Exercise - learn how to move around
10:00-10:15 Intro in Art Camp Commons
10:15-10:45 Association of Mouth and Brain Painters of the World (Judit Fischer and Miklós Mécs)
10:45-11:15 Cate White in collaboration with Sean Keating

If this is your first time in Mozilla Hubs, please join our warm up exercise 15 minutes before the Show & Tell at 9:45 am PST! We'll show you the basic technical skills so you can participate in the event the most comfortably. Fast internet and computer (with a mouse ;) can make a difference in your experience. Safari doesn’t support Mozilla so please use Firefox or Chrome!
Here is a video that helps to navigate in the Art Camp Commons:

About our September Cohort:

On 7.0 MSN Messenger 6 October 2005 an artistic world organization came into existence- which has now 13 mouth and brain painting members- the Association of Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World (AMBPA).
For those who don’t use traditional technique in their art or don’t use it in a traditional way, who don’t consider existing works of art as masters to be copied and trends as well-trodden „motorways”, but define them as fresh, wild, wide-ranging tracks searching for forward-thinking ways, who strive for a colorful/shockful life’s work and as a consequence of all these are not able to realize their work and present them in public, for those artists this association will become a big international family.
President: Judit Fischer, Secretary: Miklós Mécs
Nowadays, they are on a path whose directions are perhaps best marked by these sentences:
(SCHOOL) SCOLÉ = LEISURE – = > FAMI/LIAR Schoolhive life instead of divorced families.
ORGANIZE SOCIETY NOT FOR THE GOOD OF EVERYONE BUT FOR THE MIRACLE OF EVERYONE An activist is after things that have surfaced, while a social artist is after things under the surface.
WORK ETHIC / REST ETHIC / PLAY ETHIC Good work is halucinogenic, lousy work is narcotic.
I AM BETTER THAN YOUR GOD Ego must be destroyed but first it must be put to work.
EX / AMPLE Whether the person you receive as a gift is wrapped in chador or bikini is neglectable. What is important is wheter you consider your gift your possession. They exhibited in many places around Hungary: 2010 Where do we go from here, Wiener Secession,Vienna, 2014 Revolution without movement, Tranzit SK,Bratislava, etc, but they remember most the familiar movements of flow-like exhibitions and situations, or the long term relationship in the real everyday life in a "bigfamily". Now they live and work in a school (Green Rooster Likeum) for streird (strange/weird) children.

Born in 1971 into the back-woods culture of Northern California, White’s intimacy with cultural margins is reflected in her work—in subject matter and in philosophical perspective. In her current life, she travels broadly and deeply, psychically and socially, exploring the existential and cultural realities of human suffering, struggle and resilience. Her symbolically charged, narrative paintings illuminate many of our personal and collective shadows in relation to class, race, gender, trauma, morality and power. To communicate and represent across social strata, White uses a democratic aesthetic of figurative storytelling, comedy and raw emotion. Self-taught beginning at age 30, White’s work became public in 2014 with the ProArts 2x2 Solos Exhibition, followed by the 2015 Tournesol Award from Headlands Center for the Arts, the Bay Area Now 8 triennial at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and residencies including a fully-funded, year-long residency in Roswell, New Mexico, a Master Artist residency with Joan Snyder at Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Mills College Art Museum A+P+I residency, and 10 solo shows and multiple group shows in the Bay Area and beyond. While primarily a painter, White often exhibits her work in multi-media installations that include drawings, sculpture, video and books.

Sean Keating (AKA 2tears) is a Bay Area-based artist working in video, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Drawing from a background that includes sculpture, fabrication, photography, video, painting, mold-making, concrete, construction and activism, he is exploring new ways to connect the embodied, sensual and physical world with the internal landscape of the psyche, emotions and imagination.

Upcoming Events

Walking an Aporia with Hannah Waiters

14th of October, 4pm PST

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Please join Hannah Waiters and their guests, Genevieve Hyacinthe and Lynn Marie Kirby in conversation about walking as an artistic practice!
Hannah will guide us through their VR space "Walking an Aporia" that she created during her residency in the VR Art Camp in May 2021.

“How is it that we come to find our home in a world that displaces marginalized memories about local landscapes surrounding and informing new dimensions of narrative possibility under glass? This project took the form of a vitrine showcasing a living archive of neglected Peninsula landscapes whose erasure has been preserved here as a metaphor under glass; preserved erasure under both computer screen and mirrored glass display cases. This experiential vitrine employed walking and witnessing methodologies to complicate our relationship to natural and urban landscapes in the Peninsula in the wake of urban renewal. Themes and aesthetics of both Black Atlantic philosophy and museum studies here enlarge how we think about exhibitions and, more broadly, archival/institutional displacements that marginalize local landscapes and perpetuate the erasure of larger local socio-cultural narratives.“


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