14th of October, 4 pm PST

VR Walk with Hannah Waiters and her guests:

Genevieve Hyacinthe and Lynn Marie Kirby

Please join Hannah, Genevieve and Lynn in conversation about walking as an artistic practice!

Link will be sent upon registration.


3:45 - 4 Warm Up Exercise with Judit

4 - 4:15 Introduction & free exploration

4:15 - 4:30 Hannah Waiters: “Walking an Aporia”

4:30 - 4:40 Genevieve Hyacinthe

4:40 - 4:55 Lynn Marie Kirby: “Level IV.”

4:55 - 5:10 Open conversation

Hannah will guide us through her VR space "Walking an Aporia" that she created during her residency in the VR Art Camp in May 2021. She invited some of her favorite scholars into this experiential VR vitrine, which employed walking and witnessing methodologies to complicate our relationship to natural and urban landscapes. We are thrilled to invite you to join Hannah, Geneieve and Lynn’s reflection based discussion!

Lynn Marie Kirby will share an excerpt of a recent video she made with the SF Girls Chorus, Level IV. The video is the result of a collaborative place-based practice developed with the choristers and their director Dr. Anne Hege.

During COVID the San Francisco Girls Chorus practiced on Zoom. Each of the twenty–two girls in the Level IV chose a place to return to over and over again over the course of six months. They spent time in their chosen places—they listened, took notes, collected objects, chose a color, recorded sounds and video, and from a libretto based on their language, collectively composed music and sang.

The video document is a record of their time apart and together.


If this is your first time in Mozilla Hubs, please join our warm up exercise 15 minutes before our conversation at 3:45 pm PST! We'll show you the basic technical skills so you can participate in the event the most comfortably. Fast internet and computer (with a mouse ;) can make a difference in your experience.

Here is a video that helps to navigate in the Art Camp Commons.


Hannah Waiters is a Bay Area-based Black visual researcher and conceptual artist. Her conceptual material art practice interests include museum studies, Black Atlantic philosophy, historical phenomenology in art history, and historical materialism. She completed her MFA in Fine Arts and MA in Visual & Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts. Waiters is currently collections fellow in Contemporary & American art at the de Young museum extending her graduate studies research on preserving conceptual postmodern Black erasure in relation to gentrification's local dynamics. Themes and aesthetics of both Black Atlantic philosophy and museum studies here enlarge how we think about exhibitions and, more broadly, archival/institutional displacements that marginalize local landscapes and perpetuate the erasure of larger local socio-cultural narratives.

Learn more about Hannah here!


Lynn Marie Kirby is a San Francisco based artist who works in a variety of time-based forms, from film to public interventions and performance.

Kirby is occupied with questions of place and the residue of history. Her practice depends on improvisation and collaboration, accidents that make her jump, and forms of contemplation.

In the last ten years Kirby has increasingly planned her own site interventions, outside established art systems to expand the idea of an exhibition and its relation to the public.

In addition to the site-based projects, Kirby’s work has been widely exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals; generous granting organizations have supported her projects. She is Professor of Fine Arts and Film at the California College of the Arts.


Space is limited to 21 active participants. As a Room Guest, you may engage in conversation with the artists after the presentations. In case the room is full, you can still watch the event from the Lobby, which is limited for viewing only. Please arrive on time in order to be our Room Guest! (Link will be sent upon registration)

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