FEBRUARY 11, 10-11:30 am PST


with Annik Stoll, Robin “Birdd” David and Jisoo Chung

We are more than excited to announce our next Show & Tell in the Art Camp Commons when the artists of the third Cohort of 2023 give a 25 min tour in their VR studios that they have built during their residency. This is a special opportunity to become part of their art works, co-creating these moments together with the artists!

Schedule (PST):
9:45-10:00 Optional Warm Up // Learn how to move around in Mozilla Hubs and get comfy
10:00-10:15 Intro in Art Camp Commons
10:15-10:40 Annik Stoll
10:40-11:05 Robin “Birdd” David
11:05-11:30 Jisoo Chung

Embody Annik’s imaginations together:

“I imagine building a virtual garden that explores the interrelation between different organisms, brains, and nervous systems. Based on Neuroqueer theory, I would like to develop workshop formats, where participants can learn new ways to regulate their nervous system and enter calm states of being. With the VR Camp, I see the possibility of tapping into a digital, yet embodied situation where transformative encounters between human and more-than-human agents can be imagined and experimented with.”

Robin is relocating cabbage:

“For the VR Camp residency, I plan on focusing on a work-in-progress project called “Locating Cabbage,” a series of experimental works exploring identity politics in a digital world through the internet persona of a cabbage. Through the internet, the cabbage identity becomes immortalized with endless cabbage content and immediate access to cabbage through grocery delivery services, essentially “erasing” the labor associated with farming with user accessibility. How is this digitally fast-moving shift affecting our collective understanding of natural resources in relation to the consumeristic need to brand everything from fruit and veggies to our own identity.”

Join us in the Art Camp Commons on the 11th of February!

10-11:30am PST

Experience being in a virtual art piece while engaging in a conversation with the artist!

About #3 Cohort 2023/24

Jisoo Chung is a multimedia artist based in Los Angeles and Seoul who primarily uses video and installation. She focuses on sociocultural constructs within quotidian objects and technology to explore language and the loss of one’s agency. Nonsense, mistranslations, personifying objects, and non-human perspectives are used in her works to re-navigate the idea of the self. Chung’s work has been shown internationally including Ujeongguk, Seoul; Matsutake Gallery, Paris; Frieze Film, Seoul; Human Resources Los Angeles, CA. She is a fellow of MacDowell residency and a grant awardee of the LACE Lightning Fund, Puffin Foundation, and Seoul Arts and Cultural Council among others. Chung received an MFA at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a BFA at Seoul National University.



Robin “Birdd” David (she/her and they/them) is a Filipinx American multidisciplinary artist based in Emeryville, California, Huchiun, in unceded Lisjan Territory on Ohlone land. Birdd received a BA in Studio Art at San Francisco State University in 2014 and is the co-founder of the collective Macro Waves. Her creative practice is multidisciplinary, focusing on conceptual, installation, new media, and performance-based work. Birdd’s work centers on the unrequited relationship between our bodies and the systems we live in by studying objects that are often commodities found in physical and virtual spaces. Their practice focuses on transporting the human body outside these systems by utilizing play, make-belief, humor, design, and sci-fi as vehicles of investigation. Through dissecting the personification of these commodities, Birdd can dive deeper into our connection with the constructs we live in as a starting point to reimagine alternative realities.



Annik Stoll: In my work I explore different modes of being in, moving through and experiencing the world. Starting from somatic practices and embodied research, I create multisensory situations and environments consisting of self produced soundscapes, scents, videos and virtual realities, in which new forms of encounter are tapped into. In doing so, intersubjective and affective experiences emerge that are accessible to a variety of abilities and neurologies.



Poster includes images by Annik Stoll, Jisoo Chung and Robin “Birdd” David. Collage made by Judit Navratil.

Space is limited to 21 active participants. As a Room Guest, you may engage in conversation with the artists after the presentations. In case the room is full, you can still watch the event from the Lobby, which is limited for viewing only. Please arrive on time in order to be our Room Guest! Email us if you have any questions <3

Thank you, for your generous donations and Southern Exposure for the AltEx Grant that allowed us to schedule 2023 and pay a humble honorarium to VR Art Camp residents!


If this is your first time in Mozilla Hubs, please join our warm up exercise 15 minutes before the Show & Tell at 9:45 am PST! We'll show you the basic technical skills so you can participate in the event the most comfortably. Fast internet, headphones and computer (with a mouse ;) can make a difference in your experience. Phones and Safari is not recommended.

Mozilla Hubs is accessible with or without VR headsets, simply in your browser (computer, phones, tablets etc.) - best on Firefox, no Safari please!
Use these keys for navigation:
Arrow keys or WASD
WS (move forward-back)
AD (move left-right)
cursor or QE for rotation
holding SHIFT makes your move faster
press G to enable flying mode (and don’t get stuck on 3D objects)
or find further info here: https://hubs.mozilla.com/docs/hubs-controls.html


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