Social VR Art Residents of 2023

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1st Cohort // February-May

Polly Chromatic

Robin Rutenberg

Conny Zenk

2nd Cohort // June-August

Sharmi Basu

Kelley O’Leary

Jungmok Yi

3rd Cohort // October-December

Jisoo Chung

Robin “Birdd” David

Anniqe Stoll

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Click on the name of the artist (in alphabetical order) to look around in their social VR space that they created during their residency in 2023!

Sharmi Basu (AUGUST ‘23)

Polly Korbel (MAY ‘23)

Kelley O’Leary (AUGUST ‘23)

Robin Rutenberg (MAY ‘23)

Conny Zenk (MAY ‘23)

Jungmok Yi (AUGUST ‘23)

Sharmi Basu

Sharmi Basu (they/them) is a queer, South Asian American multimedia performance artist, curator, composer, arts advocate, and organizer born and based in the occupied lands of the Ohlone people aka Oakland, CA. They create immersive sound installations, new media controllers and performance pieces that investigate the emotional landscape of people in struggle. They research conflict, accountability, and care work in the interest of creating decolonial narratives toward collective healing, while investigating emotional skill-building through the practice of improvisation and deep listening. Their performance project, Beast Nest transmutes trauma and chronic illness through vast sonic world building, layering strands of sound across the frequency spectrum. They received their MFA from Mills College and host workshops internationally that center on sound healing and decolonization, as well as technical skill-shares. Their organizational work is dedicated to mutual aid and advocating for the rights of survivors, arts workers and artists.

Kelley O’Leary

Kelley O’Leary (she/they/it) is a transdisciplinary artist based in the Bay Area. As one of the last generations of humans to have pre-Internet memories, she is driven to document and articulate the transformation of life in the digital age on a planetary scale. O'Leary's practice extends to the examination of the Internet's intricate relationship with the expansion of the American West. This exploration traces the connections between digital technology and the ongoing transformation of landscapes, linking the virtual and the physical. Her recent work explores the physicality of the internet through the perspective of an archeologist of the future, conjuring speculative artifacts using site-specific materials to reveal hidden geographies embedded within cyberspace, and pointing towards the immensity of Earth’s extraction across a geological timescale. She received a MFA in Art Studio from University of California, Davis and a BA in Art with a minor in Anthropology from University of California, Santa Cruz. O’Leary is a member of Imaginaries of the Future Collective, a self-organizing nomadic collective of artists and thinkers.

Polly Korbel

∴ I am polly; I am many. Anti-disciplinary artist, political theorist, theologian, alchemist, curious, soft, sometimes prickly. My work is a mirror, to see more clearly the patterns of my being. My work is a spiritual practice hammering out ways of being, meeting the self in the material. Meeting the material in the self. My work is a gleeful engagement with material and immaterial worlds. Every work, every space, a social sculpture. A dance with time and gravity, and all forms of energy – including you and me.


Robin Rutenberg

Robin Rutenberg is a sound and media artist with an emphasis on feminist world-building through storytelling & performance, experiential sound, experimental composition, digital arts, and poetry. Robin works across mediums, from interactive game art, to film, to sound installations. By pairing visually striking virtual spaces with experiential, spatial audio, they create emotionally rich and stimulating worlds. 

Their practice is steeped in ruminations on gender, family, and kinship and asks how [missed]communication and [mis]understanding within and between bodies, objects, and environment inform these relations. They are deeply interested in the affective power of using one’s voice, speaking with the body, and being witnessed as generative acts of healing and connection.

Robin holds an MA in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts from the University of Arts Berlin.

Conny Zenk

Conny Zenk is a transdisciplinary artist who combines visual art, performance and sound art to explore the ways in which a collective body is shaped by sound art and community practices. Her work explores, interrupts and renegotiates her findings by engaging directly with sound art and cycling communities. Since 2014, she has curated the participatory event series RAD Performance. Entitled Dance your Bike! she is developing a new composition format for the bicycle, as part of an Artistic Research Pilot Project at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Since 2020, Zenk has been working on a new music format such as Soundrides in public space. Zenk, lives and works in Vienna, and completed a Diploma in Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she is currently in the PhD in Art program.

Jungmok Yi

Jungmok Yi (they/them) is a queer non-binary 1.5 generation Korean-American immigrant transdisciplinary artist working with subjects such as U.S. history, diaspora lineage, transnationalism, non-binary practice, love, and entanglement. They hold a graduate degree in sculpture from Tyler School of Art and Architecture. They are the director and a co-editor for Are We A Joke?, a publication series on Pan-Asian LGBTQIA womxn burlesque, drag, and BDSM artists.

"I've designed a virtual karaoke setting to reunite friends and foster emotional expression. Singing taps into our inner feelings and physical presence in a unique way. This initiative is all about providing a platform where we can collectively process our emotions, whether it's finding solace during challenging moments or rejoicing in the richness of human bonds."


The Co-Jury.

We are proud and happy that Wednesday joined us in the selection process!

Wednesday Kim is an interdisciplinary artist and a co-founder of De:Formal. She is from Seoul, South Korea and is currently based out of California. Kim works with a mixture of analog and digital media including 3D animation, video, performance, installation, print, and sculpture with clusterfuck aesthetics. Her work is informed by personal experiences and human psychology; she derives imagery from nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and childhood trauma. Furthermore, she portrays the absurdity of information-saturated contemporary life in a surrealist fashion through wordplay, Wikipedia, voyeurism, and witticism.

The Grant.

VR Art Camp is an Alternative Exposure Grantee in their 16th Round! It is a great honor to join the list of incredible artists and art projects, thank you, Southern Exposure, for supporting us!

This grant affords a modest honorarium of $200 for each resident artist. Southern Exposure's Alternative Exposure (AltEx) grant program supports the independent, self-organized work of artists and small groups that play a critical and significant role within the San Francisco Bay Area arts community. AltEx provides monetary awards to foster the development and presentation of artist-led projects and programs that are direct, accessible, and open to the public.

The Founder.

Judit Navratil is the mother of VR Art Camp, founded it in response to social distancing in 2020 August. VR Art Camp is the part of Judit’s larger, a VR art project called the Szívküldi Lakótelep (growing since 2018), that is the base of her artistic Phd research at the Angewandte Vienna.

Judit earned an MFA in Painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2008 and an MFA at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco in 2019. She is currently a Phd Candidate at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, and an affiliate artist at the Headlands Center for the Arts.

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