Social VR Art Residency

Art Camp is a homesome virtual art residency and a bi-monthly gathering, an alternative to our many missing social art events.

Womxn and artists from underrepresented groups investigate the possibilities of creating and inhabiting a communal place with care, to cultivate this layer of our social fabric based on radical inclusion, cyber-intentionality and to elevate the shift of our up-scaling digital existence together. Art Camp is a facilitating platform for art sharing, critique, collaboration, and experimental performance that maintains digital mental care for our “art family”.

VR Art Camp is a bridge for those, whose practice is not rooted in digital media and for a diverse community with different voices and approaches, as it is accessible both on a browser and in virtual reality. The structure of a decentralized curatorium is being shaped as the Art Camp grows and changes.

Show & Tell

The residency program accumulates in a public Show & Tell event on the last Sunday of every second month. Artists guide visitors through their VR studios built during their residency, give a presentation on their practice and engage in an open conversation. Experiencing an art piece together with the artists allows and generates new kind of studio visit discussions. All participants co-create these events: we welcome and appreciate your feedback!

Show & Tells take place in Mozilla Hubs, accessible with or without VR headsets, simply in your browser - best on Firefox (Safari doesn’t support Mozilla). Fast internet and computer (with a mouse) can make a difference in your experience.

Join our warm up exercise 15 minutes before the Show & Tells, if this is your first time in Mozilla Hubs! We'll show you the basic technical skills so you can most comfortably participate in the event.

Watch this video that helps to navigate in the Art Camp Commons!

Space is limited to 21 active participants. As a Room Guest, you may engage in conversation with the artists after the presentations. In case the room is full, you can still watch the event from the Lobby, which is limited for viewing only. Please arrive on time in order to be our Room Guest!

The Show & Tells are free, NOTAFLOF events. All donations go towards paying the artists. Sign up below for our newsletter to be the first to learn about our upcoming events!

The Szívküldi Lakótelep.

Art Camp was established as a sector in the Szívküldi Lakótelep, a virtual reality Social Housing Neighborhood, to serve artists during the transitional and groundless period of physical distancing. Szívküldi Lakótelep is a #memoryconnector that considers the possibilities of ‘home’ in cyberspace, established in 2018.

The Structure.

The cohorts of each two-month long residency get a tent in the Art Camp Commons. Visitors find the links to the VR studios along with a bio of the artists in these tents in chronological order. Clicking on the images opens the URL of the art studios in a new tab. This video helps you to navigate in the Art Camp Commons.

The Founder.

Judit Navratil is a transdisciplinary artist, educator and mother focusing on the social aspects of the Metaverse. She has founded the Art Camp in order to create a bridge for womxn and underserved artists, whose practice is not rooted in the digital realms, and a gathering place for her various international art communities.


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Posters of Show & Tell events are collages from the artists’ works.